Slender Thai babe filled with spunk two times Bli

Slender Thai babe filled with spunk two times

It's late、 like super late. No scratch that、 it's fucking morning and I'm immersed in the depths of a discotheque filled with a sea of pussy. There's so much hot ass that I can't decide who to approach、 that is until 22-year-old Bli walked in. Bli is no ordinary bar girl looking for a trick. Bli and her group of "super friends" are high-end freelancers who generally have several sponsors allowing them to enjoy their endless party nights. I knew the type of girl Bli was so I knew exactly how much to offer her. She declined after my first offer、 but I gave it another shot. This time the price was right and when the sun began to rise in my hotel room、 the after-hours party began. I fucked the shit out of Bli's pussy and unloaded my seed deep into her pussy…twice.



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