Sperm injected into pretty Thai vagina Fone

Sperm injected into pretty Thai vagina

I'm really starting to like Karaoke girls! When you've seen what all the GoGos have to offer、 it's nice knowing that Thailand has plenty of other adult venues to find women. 20-year-old Fone was on stage singing her set at a semi-popular karaoke club in Pattaya. I ordered a drink with the Mama-san and she came over after. Karaoke girls are generally naive、 speak very little English、 and are not use to foreigners. It turns out that Fone had never gone with a non-Thai customer before. So it was pretty exciting to know I would be giving Fone her very first taste of immigrant cock. She was a little shy at first、 but that feeling diminished once my cock was balls deep in her throat. Fone has a great body and mounting her doggie style with that great ass arched for the sky was a thrill of a lifetime. I sank my cock deep into Fone's perfect pussy and fucked her without a condom before finally shooting my stranger sperm deep into her inexperienced pussy.



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