TiTTiPORN Creampie Cantaloupes TiTTiPORN

TiTTiPORN Creampie Cantaloupes

Although I'm from a small village in the North、 I'm a Pattaya girl at heart. Yes、 I love the excitement of the Pattaya nightlife and all the festivities available each and every night. It's very rare to see me at the same place each and every night. I like to bar hop with my girlies and some nights we might go to the Tourist clubs、 while other nights we'll hit up the Thai discotheques. I like to dance and party and sometimes mingle with the boys. Last night I met an attractive guy who bought our table several rounds of drinks. We spent the night dancing、 drinking and having overall fun. I didn't go home with him though. When I'm out with my girlfriends、 it's all about us and we make sure each one of us gets home safely. I did、 however、 exchange phone numbers with Alexander. The following day、 Alexander invited me over to see his house. I really like this guy so I wanted to wear something really slutty. Something that would give him the hint that I was not only into him but into having sex too. So I chose a flimsy white strappy blouse and wore my high rise coyote shorts. I did my makeup all sultry and put my hair up in a ponytail. You know in case I give the guy a blowjob、 it's just easier {wink}. When I arrived、 Alexander invited me in. He was really happy to see me and I think he read my mind as we both went right for each other quickly. I pulled up my blouse and let my big natural cans just pop out. Alexander grabbed both eagerly and started sucking on them. My pussy was getting wet from all the erotic foreplay. We quickly went to the bed where I removed the rest of my clothes. My bare pussy exposed to this total stranger. But soon Alexander was naked with me and showing off his massive boner. It was hard as a rock and dying for some attention. I knew just what to do as I took his head into my mouth and began giving it a nice porn-star blowjob. Alexander was now totally excited and motioned me to lie back. He couldn't wait to sink his tool into my soaking vagina. As Alexander entered、 it felt so thick and long. I let out a small moan and Alexander began pumping heavenly into me. My pussy was on fire and I wanted to scream in ecstasy. But then Alexander turned me around and fucked me doggie style. His big cock slamming into me again and just owning my pussy. He pulled on my shoulders with each thrust to drive his cock into me as deep as it would go. Each inch slamming my inner walls and tearing my pussy up. It felt amazing. Soon after、 Alexander laid back on the bed. At first、 I rode him cowgirl、 but then he turned me around and I rode him again in reverse. I was his complete fuck toy and I didn't mind at all. This guy could fuck long and hard and it was really good. I like a proper fucking. I want to feel that I had sex even hours after I go home. So now Alexander laid me on my back and got ready to mount me. His cock sank into my well-fucked pussy one last time. His rhythm、 slow at first、 began to increase as he started to pump harder and harder until his body convulsed and that's when I felt his cock erupt inside me. I could feel my torn vaginal walls receive blast after blast of warm salty jism. Alexander pulled out and rolled off while his thick potent load remained buried deep inside my pussy. He tried to funnel some of it out for a creampie、 but the majority of his semen was already racing for my egg. See what can happen when you buy a girl a drink?



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