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<p>I was at the market today which is open on Monday、 Wednesday、 and Saturday and I usually go to get some food and maybe shopping. The shopping is the best on Saturday as more vendors arrive and there are more options for clothing. The prices for clothes in the Thai market are very cheap so I tend to buy something every time I go. Today I was looking at a lingerie shop when an older foreign man happens to walk by. He was in his late 40's and stopped in his tracks to stare at me. At that moment I was holding up a purple bra to my chest to see it's size when the man said to me that he liked it. I wasn't expecting that comment from a total stranger so it made me blush. He then came into the shop and asked if I wanted it. I said I wasn't sure but I did like it. Then he said he would buy it for me if he could see me wear it. I scowled and thought to myself how I can buy my own clothes、 and it's not expensive so why would I need to give a free show for such a little price. But then he said how beautiful I was and that he was joking about seeing me wear it. He said he just wanted to buy something beautiful for someone beautiful. Awww、 that stole my heart so I agreed to his offer and said Thank you. When we exited the stall I said、 if you want to see how it looks on me、 follow me back to my apartment. </p><p>The guy whose name is Roger、 by the way、 was in shock、 as I don't think he was expecting me to say that. So within minutes、 we were back at my apartment. I told him to wait on the bed while I went into the bathroom to change. When I came out I was wearing my brand new purple bra and pantie set and high heels. Roger was on the bed and he was already stroking his hard cock. This guy must really be horny. When I came over to the bed、 I immediately started taking off my lingerie and he reached up and played with my boobs. His white cock was fully erect and I started stroking it nice and softly. Then I bent forward and put it right into my mouth. Mmmm it felt good to have a cock to suck on. It's been a while and I was definitely in the mood for sex. </p><p>Roger was now throbbing and I wanted to put his cock inside me before he came. So I stopped sucking and climbed over his body、 and sank his cock right into my wet pussy. Ohhh this feels so good. I leaned forward and started kissing Roger deeply. I rocked my hips back n forth allowing my tight pussy to grip and stroke his penis. We were very horny and suddenly without notice、 Roger's body tensed up and his cock started bursting hot cum inside my vagina. Only one position and this guy was already flooding my pussy with his potent cum. I could feel jet after jet of sperm hitting my walls as my body continued to rock back n forth. Finally、 he groaned and his body went soft. I lifted my pussy off of his soft cock and felt globs of semen drip from my pussy. It was very intense、 short、 but intense. Roger apologized for cumming so fast and said that I turned him on so much. He said he wasn't expecting this and was sorry for nutting inside me. I said it was okay and thank you for the matching bra set. We both got dressed and Roger left. I went to my bed and played with my pussy until I came myself which didn't take long at all. So I guess I can't blame the guy. When you're gonna blow、 you're gonna blow.</p>



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